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Nottingham Canal

Here’s a photo of the Nottingham Canal, taken from where it passes close to the Cossall Road, north of Trowell :


It’s a very attractive view of an abandoned waterway, which is now a resource for recreation and wildlife.   The canal has not been navigable since the 1930s, but this section is managed by Broxtowe Borough Council for nature conservation, with a walking and cycle trail alongside.  It’s been designated as a local nature reserve, and is well worth a visit.  The path here forms part of the Erewash Valley Trail, which is an excellent day’s cycling expedition….


Bird photography from Cliftongrovebirds.co.uk

Today I’m featuring Rob Hoare’s excellent birding blog Cliftongrovebirds.co.uk,  which is highly recommended.  Recent sightings featured on the blog include a single Greenshank, seen at Cottages Flash near Barton-in-Fabis, just across the Trent from Attenborough Nature Reserve.  This bird will be stopping off in our area on its way north to breeding grounds in Scotland.

CAN_0947 copy

Another recent sighting is the seldom seen Red-Rumped Swallow – a denizen of southern Europe and scarce visitor to Britain, typically with just 10 sightings per year across the whole country.  Rob managed to photograph this one before it flew out of sight….

rrswallow 239 copy.jpg-for-web-xlarge

Thanks to Rob for use of his photos.  Keep checking his blog for the latest sightings!