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A Robin sings…

Thanks to Phil Norbury, who sent in a short video clip of a Robin (Erithacus rubecula) singing on his plot on Moorfield allotments in Radford…

The video captures the Robin’s song well – thanks to Phil.


Dunkirk & Lenton Wildflower Day – 14 April

Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum are organising a Wildflower Day next Tuesday, 14th April.  Join them for a walk between green spaces in the area, whilst sowing bee-friendly wildflower seeds.

bees  The walk itinerary is as follows…..

Church Square, Lenton, 1pm
Radford/Lenton Library Community Garden, 1:45pm,
Radford Recreation Ground, 2:15pm
Memorial Garden, Ilkeston Road, 3pm

At the end of the walk, there will be FREE bakery and craft stalls in the Memorial Garden, next to Radford Health Centre on Ilkeston Road – from 3pm. For more information on the event, ring 0115 958 8590.

Allotment Orchids

Orchids aren’t plants you’d necessarily associate with allotments, so it was good to see these on Windmill Allotments in Radford…..


The darker-flowered plant on the left is Southern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza praetermissa), whilst the lighter-flowered one is Common Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) –  with the characteristic spotted leaves just about visible in the bottom of the photo.

Here’s a closer look at Southern Marsh Orchid…..



…..and of Common Spotted Orchid…..


These are great to see, especially the Southern Marsh Orchid, which is uncommon in Nottinghamshire.  If the allotment stays under sympathetic management, these lovely plants should thrive for years to come.



The Foraged Book Project

The Foraged Book Project is an interesting collaboration which aims to produce a unique foraging guide, itself entirely made from foraged materials.

As part of this project, there will be a number of events held at the Primary studios, just off Alfreton Road, in October :


Saturday 12th October 10am-4pm:
Paper Making – £10

Tuesday 15th October 6-8pm:
Organic Ink Making – £5

Wednesday 16th October 6-8pm:
Organic Paint Making – £5

In addition, there will be a Fungi Walk in Bestwood Country Park on Sunday 20th October.

Smooth Newts

The recent sunnier weather has led to sightings of the Smooth Newt in ponds, as they take to the water to breed after their winter hibernation.  Here’s some in a pond on Windmill Allotments in Radford…


Garden ponds are an important habitat for these miniature “water-dragons”, as well as being one of the best features to create in a garden for wildlife in general.  Such ponds are especially attractive to newts if the pond is near suitable hibernation habitat, such as piles of logs or stones.

Spring snowdrops

There’s a definite feeling that spring is around the corner now, and Snowdrops are always welcome signs of the change in the seasons.  They were in evidence today at Windmill Allotments in Radford :