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Hazel flowers

Nic Cairns sent in some excellent close-ups of Hazel (Corylus avellana) in flower, taken at St.Ann’s Community Orchard.

Firstly, the male flowers (catkins), not yet fully open …..

IMG_9420hazel catkinLR

The distinctively-shaped buds and finely hairy twigs that characterise Hazel can be seen in this photo.

Nic also sent in an image of a spectacular (if tiny) female flower…

IMG_9427hazel maleLR

Thanks, as ever, to Nic for his contribution.

Hairy Shield-bug

I like Shield-bugs, and have featured them before.  Here’s another – the Hairy Shield Bug (Dolycoris baccarum), also known as the Sloe Shield-Bug, photographed on the Community Orchard at St.Ann’s Allotments:


Despite the name, it is not particularly associated with Sloe trees.  Quite a handsome little beastie!


The old custom of wassailing fruit trees, in order to encourage a fruitful harvest the following autumn, can be experienced this Sunday (20th) at St.Anns Community Orchard.  There’s an activity day from 11am-4pm, to which all are welcome, and it’s free.  There will be a fire to fend off the cold!