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Urban Safari report…..

Thanks to Martin of the Wildlife Trust’s Nottingham City group, who sent in the following report of the “Urban Safari” they held on the 27th of September……

Urban safari 2014-page1

It sounds like a very good event, and I look forward to hearing more about the activities of the group…..


Meadow Saxifrage

Meadow Saxifrage (Saxifraga granulata) is a lovely plant, and only occurs at a couple of sites in the city.  Thanks to Lauren who spotted this patch in the General Cemetery, and persuaded the grasscutters to leave it uncut (which they were very happy to do).  Lauren also informed the Wildlife Trust, who have made the Council and the BSBI aware of the find.  Meadow Saxifrage is a perennial which reproduces itself by bulbils as well as by seed, and hopefully this colony will be able to spread.

meadow saxifrage 2 6.5.14 general cemetery

meadow saxifrage 6.5.14 general cemetery

Thanks to Keith Turner for the photos.  A selection of Keith’s great photography – much of which features local wildlife – can be seen on his flickr site here.  I hope to be able to showcase more of Keith’s work on this blog in the future.