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Another great photo from St.Anns allotments, courtesy of Nic Cairns


These are tadpoles of the Common Frog (Rana temporaria), photographed massing in a warm part of a pond at Ecoworks Community Garden.  The tadpoles are still at an early developmental stage, as their external gills can clearly be seen in the photo.  These disappear soon as the tadpole develops a mouth.


Toad in a hole….

Another photo from the RBRGHA allotments in Wollaton….

Peep bo (1)

It’s a Common Toad (Bufo bufo), sheltering in a hole.  Thanks to Viv Crump for the picture.  Sadly the clearance of this wildlife-rich allotment site has started, so who knows what will become of this shy amphibian….its future is probably not so rosy.

Frogs in Spring

Thanks to Nic Cairns for this springtime photo….

IMG_9926frog matesLR

Nic took the picture of Common Frogs (Rana temporaria) on the St.Ann’s Allotments.

Adventurous amphibian

Thanks to Nic Cairns for this excellent close-up of a frog, in a garden pot!  The photo was taken in Sherwood.

frog in a pot

Smooth Newts

The recent sunnier weather has led to sightings of the Smooth Newt in ponds, as they take to the water to breed after their winter hibernation.  Here’s some in a pond on Windmill Allotments in Radford…


Garden ponds are an important habitat for these miniature “water-dragons”, as well as being one of the best features to create in a garden for wildlife in general.  Such ponds are especially attractive to newts if the pond is near suitable hibernation habitat, such as piles of logs or stones.