Monthly Archives: June 2015

Water Soldier at Summerwood Community Garden

I recently visited the excellent Summerwood Community Garden in Clifton, and it was good to see that real efforts have been made to create wildlife-friendly spaces throughout the site.  I was impressed by the large wildlife pond….

The pond was teeming with Dragonflies and other insects on the sunny day when I visited, and had an impressive display of wildflowers around it as well.  The pond itself had a good variety of aquatic plants, most obviously White Water Lily (Nymphaea alba) and Water Soldier (Stratiotes aloides)…..

Water Soldier is an unusual and interesting plant.  It spends most of the year more or less submerged, and so is easily overlooked; but it emerges from the water surface in summer, to flower….

The plant is quite rare in the wild, and is probably only truly native in parts of Eastern England – so it’s good to see it in this wildlife pond.  One of many good reasons to visit Summerwood Community Garden this summer!

Mint Moths

Vivien Crump sent in some pictures of some day-flying moths, taken on the threatened RBRGHA allotments in Wollaton…..

DSC02294 (2)


These little moths, photographed here on Thyme and Mint plants, are the Mint Moth (Pyrausta aurata), which are quite commonly found on allotments and gardens.  Thanks to Vivien for the images.


Another wren….

Thanks to stalwart supporter of this blog Nic Cairns, who sent me this nice photo of a Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes), taken on the St.Ann’s Allotments….

IMG_0582baby wrenLR

The Wren looks newly-fledged, so it’s possible it is one of those raised in the nest I featured last week, which is only a few hundred metres (as the Wren flies) from where Nic snapped this bird.  Apparently, that nest is now empty, so the young have successfully fledged, whether or not this is one of them!