Orange Tip Butterfly

Thanks to Vivien Crump, who sent in this fine photo of an Orange Tip butterfly (Anthocharis cardamines), resting on a Groundsel plant….

orange tip on groundsel 19 Apr  2015

The butterfly was photographed on the Radford Bridge Road Allotments in Wollaton.

In my last blog post I mentioned that the plot holders were recently given a notice to quit.  Here is a description of the current state of affairs from gardener Sue :

“The tenant gardeners of the Radford Bridge Road Garden Holders’ Association site off Russell Drive, Wollaton, have been issued with a legal Notice to Quit the site by April 2nd 2016.  We have no information on whether or not the developers have a timescale for the start of clearance work, but we do know that they have not yet submitted their Reserved Matters application to the Nottingham City Council in order to achieve Full Planning Consent.  It is good for the gardeners to know they at least have this year to continue to work their plots, but the developer’s commitment in their Outline Planning documentation to help us relocate seamlessly from current to new plot appears to be rather tenuous when we are faced with eviction and with the requirement to remove all our gardening equipment off site in the chance that we might be able to relocate, who knows when.   The practicalities of the latter exercise are horrendous; how on earth do you store shed, greenhouse, water butts, fruit cages, raised beds……  I personally took on an allotment because I only have a small back garden, so I will have to abandon my ‘paraphernalia’  and risk having to compensate the developers for not clearing my plot.  Not good, is it.”

As she says, it doesn’t sound good – either for gardeners or for the wildlife found on this threatened site.


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