Red Kite

An exciting photo today from regular contributor Nic Cairns – a Red Kite (Milvus milvus), seen over St.Ann’s Allotments….


This fascinating bird of prey, whose distinctive forked tail makes it easy to identify in flight, has not been photographed over the allotments before.  Very common historically, and very familiar to city dwellers as scavengers (Shakespeare referred to London as a “city of kites and crows”) it was persecuted almost to extinction, with only a handful of birds surviving in mid-Wales by the early 20th century.

Its subsequent recovery since the 1990s due to a reintroduction programme is a great conservation success story, and it has increased in numbers and range in several parts of the UK…..

redkite_tcm9-83430It’s great that the bird can be seen in Nottingham again, and hopefully it will continue to expand in the East Midlands, and become a familiar sight once again above our city.


One response to “Red Kite

  1. I saw a red kite over Whatton village, near the village green. It circled low and dropped into the field next to the bus stop where I was waiting. It rose without its prey but remained around for about 5 minutes before flying off towards the river.

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