Stump-eating Fungi

I saw some interesting fungi on the stump of a dead street tree in Carrington the other day…..


The stump – my guess is it was a Plane or Maple – is now an impressive fungal habitat, not so often seen by a main road.  Fruiting bodies of two different species of fungus were evident…..


My best guess for this one is the Blueing Bracket, Postia subcaesia.

As to the other, less-abundant fruiting bodies….they look to me like Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), which are excellent eating.  Unfortunately I wasn’t sure enough to try them.


It’s unusual to see such fungal abundance in such a setting.  Is anyone able to offer an opinion on the identity of these species?


2 responses to “Stump-eating Fungi

  1. Howard Williams

    Almost certainly Pleurotus ostreatus though a little past it.. The other looks a little too thick and fleshy for Postia subcaesia to me and not much (any?) evidence of blueing. Might be a related species, Tyromyces chioneus which can be pure white at first when fresh as these here look, and generally a larger robuster bracket – unless these are smaller than they appear from the photo; flesh should be succulent and rather brittle.


    Thanks for that Howard, very useful. I’ve just looked Tyromyces chioneus up, and that does look plausible…

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