Thanks to Sue Marshall for another picture from the threatened Radford Bridge Road Allotments in Wollaton :

Mistletoe 18 Mar 2015

It’s a view of Mistletoe (Viscum album) growing on an apple tree.  Apple is one of the most common hosts for this hemiparasite, which has green leaves so it can photosynthesise, but takes other nutrients from the host.  The plant is also the source of both the common and scientific names of the Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus), one of the main distributors of the plant’s berries.

There is an excellent comprehensive source of information about Mistletoe HERE.


One response to “Mistletoe

  1. Thanks so much for posting the mistletoe photo, and for the interesting background information. I will add a link to your Post from my website. Kind regards, SUE

    P.S. Still no information re potential start dates for development work. As the birds are now nesting we have to assume we are safe for this gardening season. The developers have yet to submit their Reserved Matters application to the NCC to achieve Full Planning Consent. Unfortunately many gardeners have given up; we are down to about 25 now.

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