Another “development” opportunity

While cycling along Glaisdale Drive the other day, I noticed a demolished industrial site, now on sale for “development”.  The 2.2 Acre site is starting to green up, with pioneer species getting a foothold……



Similarly to my recent post about an empty site in Forest Fields, seeing this plot made me contemplate more imaginative futures for the land than “development”.  Although the site is nothing special at the moment, it could become a valuable local green space for people and nature, in an area dominated by industrial units and high-density housing…


2 responses to “Another “development” opportunity

  1. This site could actually have been developed instead of the Wollaton allotments, which as the crow flies, is very close to Glaisdale Drive. RBRGHA is a wonderful wildlife site, but as you know has unfortunately got an outline planning permission on it. This as a traversty against wildlife !!!!

  2. Interesting point – this is indeed very close to RBRGHA, and definately more suitable for development than those wildlife-rich allotments. Mind you, it seems to me that Nottingham needs green space everywhere in preference to more industrial units (the Glaisdale area has a number of empty or delapidated units), or poorly-situated housing…..

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