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Migrant Hawker Dragonfly

Another excellent image from Nic Cairns – this time a female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly (Aeshna mixta)…..

dragonfly lr

Thanks to Nic for the photo, taken in a garden in St. Ann’s.

Wildlife Weekend at St.Ann’s Allotments

This promises to be a good weekend!

St Anns Allotments

St Anns Allotments Wildlife Weekend 2014, on 19th and 20th July, promises to be full of activity.  The timetable includes bats, botany, birds, butterflies, bees, and moths…There will also be moth traps across site, and you may see the odd studious botanist or ecologist studying species across site.  We want to get as many species recorded as possible!poster timetable

St Anns Allotment Gardeners – Help us with sightings from your plots!

To help us with this, we also appeal to STAA gardeners to let us know a bit about their own plots.  Here is a simple, quick form, to record some of the main flora and fauna we are interested in.  STAA Plot Survey

Return them to the Visitors Centre or to  Paper copies will be available on the weekend and from the Visitors Centre throughout the summer.

Please also bring along any recent sightings or unidentified species (please take…

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New website…”Before The Bulldozer”

A group of gardeners who rent allotments on the threatened Radford Bridge Road Allotments in Wollaton have launched a new website – Before The Bulldozer.  The website is well worth a look.  It is a comprehensive record of the allotment site, including its landscape, biodiversity, and history, as it is before “the sweeping changes that are planned”…..

Hoverfly video

More great work from Nic Cairns – this time a video of a Hoverfly visiting an Oxeye Daisy…..

Thanks to Nic for this video, taken at Ecoworks Community Garden.  Can anyone identify the Hoverfly species?

The Wild Project – seminar and reading group

This coming weekend sees an event at arts venue Primary called The Wild Project.  This involves 16 artists responding to the notion of “The Wild”….


The installation begins on Saturday July 12th and lasts until August 9th.  There is also a seminar and a reading group this weekend (12th/13th)……



Butterflies on threatened allotments

Here’s some pictures of butterflies on the Radford Bridge Road Allotments in Wollaton…..

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell


Comma on Buddleia

Comma on Buddleia

Thanks to allotment holder Sue Marshall for sending in these photos of this sadly threatened site.

Leucistic Blackbird

The blackbird (Turdus merula) is one of our best-known and easily recognised garden birds, so it’s interesting to see an unusual example that’s more of a “black-and-whitebird”…

black white bird

This male bird, photographed in a St.Ann’s garden by Nic Cairns, shows the phenomenon known as leucism, a genetic condition where cells are unable to synthesise the melanin pigment which causes normal colouration.  This individual is only partly leucistic, but all-white birds have been seen, and blackbirds with varying degrees of leucistic plumage have been recorded from gardens all over the country.