Monthly Archives: September 2013

Less mowing, more diversity

Whilst walking across Forest Recreation Ground, I noticed some areas in the less-well used parts of this popular park that had been left unmowed all summer to provide more diversity of habitat…..


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s good to see areas like this left to increase biodiversity – there’s nothing especially notable in them, but they are much more diverse in species than the majority of the close-mown park.  In cities, every bit of semi-natural habitat counts!

The Foraged Book Project

The Foraged Book Project is an interesting collaboration which aims to produce a unique foraging guide, itself entirely made from foraged materials.

As part of this project, there will be a number of events held at the Primary studios, just off Alfreton Road, in October :


Saturday 12th October 10am-4pm:
Paper Making – £10

Tuesday 15th October 6-8pm:
Organic Ink Making – £5

Wednesday 16th October 6-8pm:
Organic Paint Making – £5

In addition, there will be a Fungi Walk in Bestwood Country Park on Sunday 20th October.


I’ve been away from the blog for a while, mostly because I’ve been away from Nottingham a lot….but it’s good to be back!

Grasshoppers are redolent of warm summer weather, so it seems appropriate to come back with this excellent close-up by Nic Cairns.  Can anyone identify the species?