Wild Food Foraging at City Farm

There will be a wild food foraging session at Stonebridge City Farm once a month for the next four months.  The first one is on Wednesday:

Wild Food 2013

These sessions are highly recommended as a way of brushing up on your wild plant identification knowledge, and discovering interesting ways to use them; foraging is a *really* good activity for increasing your contact with nature, and entirely sustainable if sensible guidelines (such as these) are followed.

Keep an eye on Field Kitchen’s website for other upcoming foraging events in Nottingham, which currently include:

Saturday 18th May, 10-4pm: The Field Kitchen will be at the West Bridgford Summer Gathering, offering tasters of locally foraged teas and plants.

Saturday 25th May, 12-4pm: Fermentation workshop with Rebecca Beinart at Stonebridge City Farm: Try your hand at making Sourdough bread, Sauerkraut and Ginger beer.

Sunday 2nd June, 2-5pm: Field Kitchen bicycle-based foraging trip along the River Trent, where you will learn to identify wild food plants and cook up a foraged feast. Costs: £10 per person.


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