Dead wood habitat in Bramcote Hills Park

In Bramcote Hills Park, a 200-year old Beech Tree has fallen, and been allowed to stay in place.  An enclosure has been created within which the large tree can slowly decompose naturally; the enclosure also forms an area of habitat for wildflowers.



It’s good to see a tree being left like this in a public park – fallen dead wood is too often removed in an urge to “tidy up”.  Deadwood is extremely important for biodiversity, and it is often in short supply in our woodlands, so the way that this tree has been retained (and turned into an informative feature) is very welcome.

Nearby in the park, another dead Beech tree has been left unfelled as standing dead wood.


It seems Bramcote Hills Park has set a good example of thoughtful park management for conservation with these dead trees….


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